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Daily Practices: 7/7 – 7/13

July 14, 2013

7/7:  Heliosday devotional.  Finished working at the festival site and drove home.  Was tired enough that I kept my eyes on the road on the way home, so no checking for wildlife.

7/8:  Woke up to find putting weight on my right knee hurt.  A lot.  So I wrote my blog for “From the Oaks”.  Dark moon  prayers before bed but that was it.

7/9:  Walked the bicycle path again today.  7 crows, 7 sparrows, one robin and a couple of butterflies.  Not as many flowers this week.  However the columbine and “giant” clover started blooming along the path.  Found a grocery bag, so I used it to pick up trash along the trail.  Noumenia, offered incense.

7/10:  Did reading and school work with my son today.  Fit in some reading but never got the devotional done.  Exercised before dinner.

7/11:  Exercise.  Zeusday devotional.

7/12:  Gathering pics for 9×9 oracle.  If I like what I turn up, I may use this for omens during ritual.

7/13:  Yard Sale, got rid of a few items.  Most of what remains will be donated to the local thrift store (no charities in the area).  Was in a bad mood for most of the day.  Continued to work on gathering pics for 9×9 oracle.

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