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Daily Practices: 6/30 – 7/6

July 7, 2013

Rather dry here in Colorado with a fair amount of wind.  Makes for a forest fire play park.  As always, night prayers are a given (which are a shorter version of the daily devotional).

6/30:  saw elk eating leaves from some trees on the way home…that was an unusual sight.

7/1:  exercised.  Did crafts and sewing repair but nothing overtly spiritual.

7/2:  Aresday devotional.  Exercised by walking the bike trail.  Saw:  4 crows, 4 song birds (though I heard many more), numerous purple flowers in 3 different varieties (need to find my flower identification book), some white daisies, some white flowers, some tiny yellow flowers, wild iris and wild rose.

7/3:  For Hermes day, I helped my son with his reading, writing and numbers.  Then we watched a movie.  Having trouble motivating myself to do the daily devotional.  Need to get that back on track.

7/4:  Rained right before the fireworks show.  Nice timing!   Zeus, Hermes, Aphrodite-Columbia, and Ares-Columbos, to these I prayed to protect and guide my country for a better tomorrow.  Sweet smelling incense to bring them joy along with the love that I bear them wafting on the scented smoke.  Hestia, I prayed, to make this country her own, bringing harmony to our multitudes so that we can all work together for a better tomorrow.

7/5:  Left for a working camping trip.  We are on staff for a local Pagan festival ( and this weekend is our work weekend to get some things done on the site.  Saw the usual animals but also yaks,  a pelican (HUGE wingspan) and some hawks/falcons/bird of prey.  (I was driving and couldn’t get a good look at them and keep my eyes on the road at the same time.)

7/6:  Honored my lady during daily devotional.  Worked on cleaning up deadfall and made sure paths are clear.

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