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Daily Practices: 6/16 – 6/22

June 22, 2013

6/16:  again spent the day working out in the yard with my family.  I’m feeling confused over the role of Helios in the cosmos so have no desire to attempt to connect with him.  This makes doing the devotional on Sundays difficult.  Light incense for Zeus as a Father’s Day offering

6/17:  Moonday daily devotional.  Exercise.  Hestia’s work.

6/18:  Aresday.  Due to poor planning and absent mindedness, I neglected devotional.  Got a better plan for next Tuesday though.  Posted a blog about bulls and gods.

6/19:  Hermesday daily devotional.  Exercise.  In afternoon worked with my son on numbers, writing and spelling.  Not a bad way to honor Hermes though that wasn’t my original intention.  Starting to put together my Solstice ritual.

6/20:  exercised…unwillingly, slept badly.  Mulling over an article on Helios and how his myths can relate to modern times.  Zeusday devotional with tarot reading.  Libated a beer to Ares since I missed honoring him on Tuesday and I felt the urge.  More Solstice ritual planning.

6/21:  Solstice ritual with my son where we honored Helios.  Afterwards we went on a picnic in the woods to celebrate. Worked in the yard a little bit.  Hubby lit a fire in our fire cauldron where I burned offerings from the various shrines that I decided needed to be removed.  Also burned at least part of the remains of our yule tree.  Not sure how much of it since it is mixed in with some other wood, but I know I burnt some of it.  Lastly I burned incense to the Kindreds and for Helios.

6/22:  helped celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday.  Cinnamon whiskey is evil.

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