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Summer Solstice Ritual

June 21, 2013

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Summer Solstice altar before ritual started

Summer Solstice altar before ritual started

Today I did my summer solstice ritual with my 6 year old sun.  To the Kindreds we offered:  a heart candle for our ancestors, a flower from our yard to our Nature kin and incense to the Gods.  We honored Helios and offered him some hard cherry lemonade.  For our oracle, my son drew cards from the Mythic Oracle.  For the invocation of this sacred day I used The Dance of Life and Summer Play.  For Helios, I used my prayer to Helios.

The altar after ritual

The altar after ritual

I’m still trying to find the best oracle for the omens.  Today we used Mythic Oracle.  My son picked the cards after I shuffled.

The omens my son drew.

The omens my son drew.

How were our offerings received?  Zeus/the father; he looks contemplative

How shall the Kindred Respond? Prometheus/sacrifice; he looks like he is trying to give me the fire in his hand

What more would you have me learn or do?  Odysseus/the journey; he looks prepared for anything.

These took quite a bit of mulling for me which I could not do with a 6 year old starting to get antsy.  I can’t complain as he did very well and was very patient.  This was his first full length ritual with me.

Tonight, as the sun was going down, my husband lit our fire cauldron.  This isn’t something we do very often because we really don’t have a place to put it.  As it was my husband had to pull part way out of his parking place so that the cauldron would have some place in the open to stand.  First I burned offerings from the various shrines that needed burned.  Then I made incense offerings to the Kindreds and Helios.

As I waited for the fire to burn down, I mulled whatever came to mind.  Eventually my mind turned to the omen.   Suddenly it seemed obvious. There were three layers to this omen.

The first was instructions for my son:  1) Take responsibility for your actions.  2)  Be a hero.  Do right because it is right, not for the reward.  3)  Stay true to you and all will go well.

The second answers the omen questions:   1)  Zeus looks thoughtful not angry, so I’m taking this as a positive sign.  2)  By giving me/us something without expectations.  3)  Embrace the journey of life.  Stay true to you.  Quintessence is 56 or 11 Zeus/Divine Expansion.  Things be a changing.

Lastly:    The father gives the journey.  What journey?  The journey of life.  I was reminded that life is not about the destination but about journey.  Treasure the journey.

Overall this is a very positive omen.  I’m happy with it.

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