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Daily Practices: 6/9 – 6/15

June 15, 2013

6/9 – Heliosday daily devotional.  Railroad museum and wandered Old Sacramento a bit.  The railroad museum was more interesting than I expected.  I especially like their emphasis on the Chinese workers that did so much to build the railroads but are rarely mentioned or even pictured.  It was an interesting look into the past.  We also stopped at a small military museum where I learned a bit more about my dad who served in the Army Reserves (supply for a Psyop division), what my grandfather did and why my other grandfather never served (bad heart).

6/10 – Moonday daily devotional to Selene.  Exercised.  Road in a car all day.  Saw hawks and a deer.  Mostly I dozed or tried to…

6/11 – Exercised.  Aresday daily devotional.  Visited a small aquarium in Salt Lake.  Drove all afternoon.  Made it to Grand Junction where we visited my cousin.  Saw a turkey, antelope and lots of interesting scenery (but then it has been like that every where we went).

6/12 – Hermesday daily devotional.  Made it to Denver then drove home.

6/13 – Zeusday daily devotional where I thanked him for the experience of vacation.  exercised.  The rest of the day spent with honoring Hestia by taking care of the house and laundry.  🙂

6/14 – Aphrodite daily devotional.  Exercised.  More housework, boy entertaining and grocery shopping.

6/15 – today was spent in the yard.  We planted and transplanted.  Trimmed and removed.  Also add flowers to my fairy garden (indoors) and made another stepping stone.  So you could say I spent the day with my nature kin.  🙂

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