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Daily Practices: 6/2-6/8

June 8, 2013

6/2:  drove to Denver.  Enjoyed the summer heat.  Prayers to Helios before bed…meditated?  Had a vision of an open temple that had a large open space.  From the marks on the floor it looked to be where Helios parked his chariot at the end of the day…but when I though that must be never as the sun never truly sets, I “heard” that Helios only does/represents the Northern Hemisphere…made me wonder who did the Southern…and how in the world that would work.  Any way I left a beer or poured one out on an altar stone…maybe both.  It was an odd disjointed vision.

6/3:  left for vacation.  Made it through Wyoming and Utah today.  Saw a lot of animals:  antelope (pronghorn) and babies, sheep and lambs, lamas, cattle, coyote, hawks, camels, birds…  Stopped at the Salt Lake…it is very low…and very smelly.  The building (Saltar?) only had the gift shop open.  Was disappointed that they haven’t done more with the place.  About all I can say about today.  Read my son the prayer on his prayer card…devotional before bed…tired enough that I screwed it up.

6/4:  exercise. Aresday daily devotional.  More driving…made it through Nevada and into California.  The forest/mountains we drove through were as pretty as home.  Trees are a bit different.  Taller, straighter, more deciduous trees, wider.  Lots of ponderosa and another tree that my dad says is the red wood.  Ground cover is very similar though more bushes and such.  Saw wild turkeys today.   Rivers and streams were pretty low though.  It was interesting seeing some of the water shaped rocks.  Drove through an area with lots of volcanic rock.

6/5:  exercise.  Hermesday daily devotional.  More driving to get to the coast.  Took a lot longer than we expected though it was a scenic drive.  Got to see some of the redwoods up close.  They are so awe inspiringly huge.  I told my son that if there was any forest that would have faeries, unicorns, centaurs and such in them, it would be these.  Found out I won a poetry competition on the Apis of Ares blog.  The theme was Military Appreciation month, so Ares and/or soldiers.

6/6:  exercise.  Zeusday daily devotional.  Spent some time at a wildlife refuge.  The majority of the day was spent on the “Avenue of Giants” a roadway that travels through a section of redwood forest.  This place is what I imagine Faery looks like.  It fascinates me and feels like home, so green and welcoming.  One feels like an ant among the trees they are so big.  This is the only place I’ve been too in nature, so far in my almost 42 years, that fascinates so much I may cry when we leave to go home.  I could spend the rest of my vacation wandering around among the redwoods.  Found a four leaf “clover” (redwood sorrel which is typically three leaves).  My mother called this “god’s country”.  I laughed at her and said more like druids’ country.

6/7:  Aphroditeday daily devotional.  Went to two different beaches.  Saw some sealions.  Picked up some interesting rocks and a tiny sandy dollar.  Chanted Yemaya’s name along with Poseidon. Wanted to stay there all day and some tomorrow but no such luck.  The driver wanted to turn inland.  Bad decision as we were dealing with 100 degree temps inland.  Had much more fun on the coast.  Hope my walking the beach and the stairs down to the beach count as exercise as I slept in, instead of getting up.  Tried to do a new moon mediation last night.  I think I fell asleep during it.

6/8: Noumania.   miserable day.  110 degrees.  So hot.  Never dealt with such heat.  Tried to enjoy an exploration park but it was just too hot.  Still upset about not being on the beach or in the redwoods.  Got up late again so no exercise unless walking around in the heat counts.

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