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Daily Practices: 5/26 – 6/1

June 2, 2013

Been getting ready for vacation, so haven’t been doing much online of late.

5/26:  Still in Denver at inlaws.  Nightly prayers.

5/27:  Still in Denver at inlaws, heading home today.  Talked with my son about what Memorial day is about and what family members serve(d) in the military.  Nightly prayers.  Prayer to Ares about our soldiers posted on From the Oak.

5/28:  Aresday daily devotional.  Train ride field trip with my son.  Walked some for exercise.  The aspens are starting to leaf out and some of the plants in the flower beds are sprouting.

5/29:  Son “graduated” (or promoted) to 1st grade today.   We got snow last night and it hasn’t made it out of the low 40s today.  The indoor fairy garden has a mushroom growing out of it!  Hermesday daily devotional. Exercise.

5/30:  Last day of school for the boy child.  Woke up to about an inch of snow.  Exercised.  Zeusday daily devotional.  Tarot reading about vacation.

5/31:  packed for vacation…haven’t even looked outside.  Exercised.  Aphroditeday daily devotional.  Trying to figure out how to keep up my devotions while on vacation…the dailies will be fairly easy to do but the dark moon and such, not so much.

6/1:  Putting together prayer cards for our trip.  Worked in the outdoor flower beds.  Too early to plant yet but at least the beds are ready. Missed exercising today.

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