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Prayer Card Prayers

June 1, 2013

So I had this brilliant idea to do up prayer cards for my son and I before we leave for vacation.  Like I don’t have enough to do.  Below are my prayers to Helios, Selene, Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, my lady, Gaia, Hestia, Apollo and Artemis (for my son) and the Gods (for Noumenia).  Some are familiar, some are shortened versions of my other prayers.

Ode to the Moon

Harken to me, oh lovely Selene,
Night Wander, Tidal Guide, Silvered Goddess
With borrowed rays, you glide through heaven,
Over whelming its starry light.
Your beauty bright personifies the feminine,
both mortal and divine,
whether waxing or waning, full orbed or hidden.
Your cycle is the cycle of life.
Teach me to ride your delight of the night,
so that I may avoid the undertow.
Fair lamp of night, all-seeing, vigilant,
Please shine on me with prosperous rays
and to my requests, grant fulfillment.

Hail Ares!

Strong One, Steadfast
Unwearying Defender
Leader of the Righteous
Governor of Rebelliousness
Giver of Bravery and Courage
Manly One, Untamed
Protective One
Look kindly upon me
So that I may reject cowardice
And avoid deceitful impulses
Help me to restrain
the fury of my heart
which leads me
in the ways of strife.
Rather, Oh Beloved of Aphrodite,
enable me to stand firm when necessary.
Aid me in conditioning
Both mind and body.
Help me to be
the best I can be.
Hail Ares!

Hail Hermes
Clever fleet-footed son of Zeus
kind-hearted, unpredictable, scheming
impetuous, fortunate and wise.
Hermes, I praise and honor you.
Giver of fortune,
grant us the good.
Giver of sleep,
let us sleep well.
Guardian of travelers,
keep us safe on our travels.
Master of Thieves,
guard my goods from your pupils.
Witty and Charming One,
steady my stumbling tongue.
Messenger of the Gods,
help me to understand.
aid me in your arts.
Playful One,
help me to teach my son.
Multifaceted, laughter-loving god
Accept this prayer
With my goodwill.
Hail Hermes!

Glowing Helios, Tireless Charioteer
All-Seeing Foe of the Wicked
You shine on mortals and gods alike
Bright Keeper of Time and Seasons
your course orders our days
telling us when to rest
and when to move
Your movements, in accord with Demeter,
set the growing and fallow seasons
Golden Titan, who harms and heals
your warmth is an eternal object of delight
to my cold and winter-weary soul
The tales you could tell
if only your cart could pause
if only you could rest
yet faithfully you rise and set
giving Gaia’s children their needed light
Lord Helios
shine gently on me and mine
blessing us with a little more than enough
I honor and thank you
Gracious Lord of Light.

Hail Aphrodite!
Your gift to man is love:
whether romantic or platonic,
for family, nature and self.
Your gift to man is beauty:
whether exotic or mundane
with laughter or tears, inside or out.
Your gift to man is strife:
the strife of jealousy, of desire
from green envy to black despair.
Your gift to man is sex:
sex with a loved one or a stranger
painful or kinky or vanilla.
Your gift to man is anger:
from vision clearing
to seeing nothing but red.
Your gifts to man are many.
They bring pleasure and pain.
They let us know we are alive.
Golden Lady of Heaven and Earth
I honor thee for thy gifts.
Hail Aphrodite!

Lord Apollo and Lady Artemis
Protectors of Youth
Grant me my prayers.

Kind Lady who brings to birth
all at their appropriate time.
Watch over me, Oh Artemis
Help me to choose wisely.
Help me act with honor,
becoming the best I can be.

Bard, gentle and mild,
let not your ill arrow fly.
Watch over me, Oh Apollo,
teach me the ways of virtue.
Guide me in my learning.
Aid me in being honest and kind.

Bright Apollo, Gentle Artemis
grant me good health
and a little more than enough
Help to walk my path wisely,
honoring the gods wherever I go.

I hail thee Mother,
Great Mistress of Land, Sea, Sky
by thy mysteries of night and day
by the torches of moon and sun
Mistress of the Circle of Life
emerge from thy abode
to feed my soul,
to enlighten my mind,
to speak thy wisdom
Triple-formed Mistress
I entreat thee to bring forth
thy knowledge from the stars,
thy light from the darkness.
Join me so that I may honor thy.
May my gifts form a bridge
between thy heart and mine,
a connection that will guide me
through life’s crossroads
banishing doubt and fear.
Mother, infuse me with
thy light, thy warmth.
Remind me when I stumble
that I am your beloved child.
May your shadow cover me
And your hand guide.

Hail Hestia
Lady of the Hearth
Keeper of the Flame
Belonging to None
Belonging to All
Wherever you are
the Gods have a home
May you fill
this temporary home
giving us peace
security and comfort.
May your harmonious ways
be a constant force
as I adventure away
from hearth and home.
Hail Hestia!

Father Zeus in cloud and sky
guide me with your light on high.
Father Zeus of field and home
guard me wherever I roam.
Father Zeus in dark of night
calm my fears with your might.
Father Zeus blessed be my family
protect them from harm I plea.
Zeus I honor, Zeus I praise
may you be with me all my days.

I honor Gaia, Mother of All,
the eldest of all beings
for your powers birth waters
and the seeds of life
for you feed all creatures
that live on your form
Your heart is the hearth of the world
All offerings come from
And return to you.
Freely bestow upon us
The substance that
Awes the heart
To encourage man
To be better caretakers
Of your generous bounty
For the sake of you
And future generations
Hail Mama Gaia!

I honor the Kindreds on this new moon day.
I hail Hestia, Lady of the Hearth and Flame
Wherever you are the Gods have a home.
Father Zeus I honor, together with Hera, Mama Gaia
Helios bright, Beautiful Selene, Eos, Iris of the bow
Sea-king Poseidon, Demeter and Persephone too,
Archers Artemis and Apollo, Ivy-tressed Dionysos
Fierce Ares, Hephaistos, Aphrodite the fair
Haides, Hebe, and Hercules the strong, hooved Pan
Mnemosyne, the Muses, loud Kouretes,
travelling Hermes, Themis the wise and Thetis too
Dark Nyx, bright Hemara, Kronos and Rhea,
Great Okeanos, Atlas the strong, Oath-binding Styx,
Healer Asklepios, wise Athene, Mountain Mother,
three-formed Hekate and any Deities not named
my daimons, my earthkin, and the beloved dead.
Just as the moon’s cycle is timeless,
waxing and waning, ever returning,
so I choose to return each new moon
to renew the sacred bonds
to ask your blessings for the coming month.
May you accept my homage with a joyous heart.
Lastly I hail and honor Hestia,
Lady of the Hearth and Flame.

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  1. ladyimbrium permalink
    June 2, 2013 7:12 AM

    These are beautiful! I would love to borrow them for my own use,with credit of course. You write beautiful prayers.


  2. heraqles permalink
    June 2, 2013 10:16 AM

    I was moved, these prayers are the one’s I wish I could write myself. They veritably sang to me as I read your words. Your prayers are exquisite, I think the Muses have touched you.


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