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of mushrooms, packing and promotions

May 29, 2013

So this morning Hubby calls me over to the fairy garden pot in the dining room to show me this:

Mushroom growing from under the "bridge" in the fairy garden.

Mushroom growing from under the “bridge” in the fairy garden.

Now I’ve had this pot since July of 2011 and this is the first mushroom, we’ve seen.  My son says it is magic.  My husband says the fairies are growing a trampoline…

I’ve been planning and packing for the trip to Northern California with my parents.  I’m pretty nervous about it.  When I’m not doing that, I’m doing something (like stitching or reading or sewing) to distract me from my worries.  My son has never been on a long road trip like this.  Not sure my parents are ready to deal with an active 6 year old.  My husband thinks I’m crazy…I’m starting to agree with him.  Maybe the learning and growth opportunity is overrated…

My son has been “promoted” to 1st grade.  We’ve been telling him that 1st grade isn’t as much of a play time as kindergarten.  Mostly because he’s been ready to get out of school for several weeks.  These last few weeks have been less on the learning more on the filling up time with field trips and such.  It is too bad they have to that but it is probably good for the kids.  My son has been having issues doing what he is told at home and did the same a school one day, having to bring home work that should have been done in class.  I also made him write an apology note…twice.  The first time wasn’t neat enough for my liking.

Any way that is what has been happening around here…

and I’m so tired of snow!

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