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Daily Practices: 5/19 – 5/25

May 26, 2013

Last couple days have been bipolar in that they snow for part of the day and then it warms up and melts off.  Still frustrating but I keep telling myself it is good for the  plants…assuming it isn’t getting too cold.  Typically when I do the Two powers meditation I’m on a beach in a sea cove with a cliff above me and a cave nearby.  Lately it has been shifting.  Once I was in a meadow, another time I was in a cave.

5/19:  nothing beyond prayers.  Did go out and listen to the birds while I tried to recover my temper as the boychild has been pushing his limits lately.  Wrote a rant/resolution on my daily practice.  Summary, I’ll be going back to doing my daily devotional first thing in the morning otherwise it tends to not get done.

5/20:  Moonday daily devotional. Exercised.

5/21:  Aresday daily devotional.  Very little sleep last night so no exercise.  Attended my son’s field day.  Cloudy, cool to cold and breezy. Did work on my vacation blogs for “From the Oak”.

5/22:  Hermesday daily devotional.  Exercised.  Blog about Zeus and St. George up.  Started reading “God:  Myths of the Male Divine by David Leeming & Jake Page.  Haven’t been able to bring myself to start either of the other two books for the book reports.

5/23:  Zeusday daily devotional.  Exercised.  Very windy day but in the 60s.

5/24:  Aphroditeday daily devotional.  Exercised.  Another windy day.  Put together a blog for “From the Oak” for Memorial day:  a prayer to Ares.  Trip to Denver.

5/25:  bed time prayers.  Staff meeting for a pagan festival.  Enjoying the heat since it is 20 degrees warmer than home.  Heard a woodpecker making lots of noise…looking for a mate?

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