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Daily Practices: 5/12 – 5/18

May 19, 2013

Snow is melting so quickly now and we’ve actually been getting rain!  I’m having a harder time buckling down to do the things I need to do.  Spring is finally here!

5/12:  spent the day celebrating spring and the moms in my life…no spiritual practice beyond my nightly prayers

5/13 My son was off from school today.  We did a lot of stuff but nothing spiritual…my intentions never made it past the planning stages.  Still did my nightly prayers.  Still got in my exercise, thanks to Ares.

5/14:  Aresday.  Honored Ares in the daily devotional.  Last Friday I wrote a poem in his honor and submitted it to a competition.  I also wrote the introductory post to the blog I’m doing over at Witches and Pagans.  It focuses on the masculine deities.  I also started researching the information I need for my next post. Exercised. Refilled the ktesios jar.

5/15:  Hermesday.  Honored him in the daily devotional asking his protection for my son who was on a field trip and on our upcoming vacation with my parents to Northern California.  Finished the post for “From the Oak” on masculine moon gods.  Exercised.

5/16:  Zeusday.  Spent the morning researching a blog post.  Honored Zeus during daily devotional.  Green things are coming up in the yard.  Crocus might even bloom this year!  Need to get a pic!  Noticed the miniature rose actually has a bloom on it.  It also gets water daily from the devotionals…did I mention the calla lily bloomed again?  That’s a first as I’ve never had 2 blooms on that plant so close together time wise.  Exercised.

5/17:  No observances beyond prayers.  Warm day.  Walked down to pick up my son from school.  Sat there and watched a jumping spider while I was waiting.  Every time I tried to get a closer look, it would jump 2 inches away.  Had to look up information on it when we got home.  This spider does not spin webs but actually stalks their prey.  Black and white or gray.  Has eyesight as good as, if not better, than a human.

4/18:  No observances beyond prayers.  Cooler than yesterday and started to snow after the sun went down.  Started writing the next article for “From the Oak” about Zeus and St. George.

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