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Daily Practices: 5/5 – 5/11

May 14, 2013

Snow has been melting.  Snow pack in our yard is about 18 shorter than a it was a week and a half ago.  Rose bush is budding and the horseradish is about an inch high.

5/5:  Sunday:  daily devotional for Helios; spring cleaning

5/6:  Moonday:  daily devotional for Selene; birds were twittering despite the gray cloudy skies.  Upper body workout.

5/7:  3 inches of new snow.  Ugh.  Well at least it should melt off quickly.  Been making more decorative stepping stones for our yard.  Aresday:  daily devotional.  Lower body workout.

5/8:  More snow.  Core workout.  Hermesday:  daily devotional.  It is strange for the skies to be dumping snow but still hear birds chattering away.

5/9:  8+ more inches of snow…warm enough that the snow is melting off pavement.  While doing my daily devotional and honoring Zeus, I saw my first robins of the season up here.  Made me think that maybe there is hope for warm weather soon!  The snow was still falling and I saw this movement out the window in a place I’ve never seen movement before.  I could see it was a bird but not what type because it was behind a pile of snow.  I froze and just watched, probably in mid sentence…

Dark moon tetrahedron meditation and prayer for Selene-Hekate.  Candle offering.

5/10:  Sunny and blue skies, oh how I’ve missed you.  Not that warm but I’ll take the sunshine.

5/11:  Missed doing Noumenia yesterday so I honored the Gods today during my daily devotional.  Just happened to get sometime to myself while in Denver so was able to do it without feeling too odd.  Weather down here is wonderful.

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