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Daily Practices: 4/28 – 5/4

May 5, 2013

4/28:  Spent the weekend in Denver enjoying the 70 degree temperatures.  Came home to the low 50s.  Snow pack in front of my house has melted about 6″ in height and 6 to 8″ in width.  Ice slick in my parking spot has melted.  Overnight temperature was probably around freezing so some melting going on at night.  Another storm moving in for tomorrow.

Read a prayer to Helios and promised him a filk song that I will work on tomorrow.

Not a lot of exercise over the weekend.  Mostly just soaked in the warmth.

4/29:  composed the filk song for Helios.  Moonday:  daily devotional

20-30 minutes of workout

4/30:  Aresday:  daily devotional, prayer.  2 mile workout

Finished the flower buddies that I started the night before as May Day gifts.  I wasn’t going to do anything, but I couldn’t NOT do it…

5/1:  May Day.  Delivered May Day gifts (Well most of them.)  High Day Ritual.

5/2:  Zeusday:  daily devotional, with prayers and cinnamon pastry stick offered.

Hip has been bothering me so no workout.

5/3: 2mile workout

5/4:  prayers to Aphrodite

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