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May Day Ritual Recap

May 1, 2013

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So I did ritual today while the boy-child and Hubby were out of the house.  It didn’t occur to me to see if my son wanted to join me…I probably should have asked but usually he says no to the dailies.  Any way.  It went better than the past rituals but it was still…a bit stilted and rough.  It is hard to have a boisterous, high energy ritual with one person.  It is like one hand clapping.  Not to mention that my previous failures felt like they were looming over me.  Despite all this it went OK.  Made oat cakes for offerings to the Kindreds and to Persephone as May Queen.  Hermes was my gate keeper and received cinnamon chunks as incense.

Altar Before the ritual

Altar Before the ritual

The statues to the far left are Divine Ones “attending” the ritual.  Persephone is on the far right with brown fabric wrapped around the bottom of her statue.  (From Samhain until Ostara she is covered in that fabric to symbolize her in the Underworld.  At Ostara the fabric moves to just the bottom part of her statue to symbolize her traveling from the Underworld.)  The oat cake can be seen front right.  Dishes are placed on the offering cups for the cake offering.


Atlar after the ritual

Since there are no flowers around here yet (plenty of snow though), I draped Persephone in a flowered doily that I’ve had since I was a child.  I think my mother or grandmother made it.  I’m not sure.  Front left is the drum I used during ritual to try to drum up energy.  I felt silly.

Omens for May Day ritual

Omens for May Day ritual

How were my offerings received?  Five of Swords – ritual was a bit rushed but that seems to be the only issue

How shall the Kindred respond?  Ace of Pentacles – with new opportunities?

What would you have me learn/do? 6 of Wands – keep progressing

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