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May Day Flower Buddies

April 30, 2013

So I said I wasn’t going to do it.  Then I said I’d only make a few…I made 11 of them.  Them being May Day gifts.  So up here at the top of the world, we don’t have flowers on the first of May.  So I make flower crafts to give on May Day.  Except I haven’t been feeling it this year…and I’ve been rather blue to boot (so I’ve been hiding in books and being rather non-productive…or I’ve been playing with colors, fabric and floss).

It started out making a small whimsy for my son but it came out so cute that I kept going…and then went and bought more silk flowers to make more.  Make what?  Oh umm yeah.  I’m calling them flower buddies or flower spirits.  The idea for the craft came from here.  Of course I had to add my own twist.  And know what?  My son doesn’t get a single one…but I’ve ended up with 4…the rest are being gifted.  Some are going to be late as they’ll be mailed off tomorrow…oopsy.

Flower Buddies...or maybe Flower Spirits?

Flower Buddies…or maybe Flower Spirits?

While I was playing with the silk flowers, I layered several and put them on hair clips so that I can have flowers in my hair.

some bright and colorful flowers for my hair

some bright and colorful flowers for my hair

I asked my son if he wanted to give anyone a May Day gift…he mentioned a girl in his class.  He picked out one of my flower craft experiments from a couple of weeks ago to give to her.

The gift my son is giving a girl in this class

The gift my 6 year old son is giving a girl in his class



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