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Wisdom of Anita Blake: Blue Moon Edition

April 29, 2013

So one of the things I’m doing as I hide from the world is rereading the Anita Blake Series by Laurell Hamilton.  I’m also writing down her (Ms. Hamilton’s though Anita is generally the one who says them)  pithy sayings as I go, something I’ve threatened to do for years.  So here you go.  The seventh installment:

Wisdom of Anita Blake (and Company):  Blue Moon Edition

  • “Truth, justice and the American way certainly didn’t work within the legal system.  Money, power, and luck were what worked.  Or having someone on your side that was part of the system.”
  • “Love sucks.  Sometimes it feels good.  Sometimes it’s just another way to bleed.”
  • “Good sex cuts both ways.  The seducer can become the seduced, with the right victim.”
  • “Love should make you feel more secure not less.”
  • “…love is not so easily slain—or so easily aroused.”
  • “Cops were meat-and-potatoes people.  They weren’t impressed by the exotic.  They’d seen it all and cleaned up the mess.  Most of the exotic that they saw were bad guys.  After a while, policemen seem to think anything exotic is a bad buy; just saves time.”
  • “The only really good thing to wear to meet police is a uniform and a badge.  Anything else and you are not in the club.”
  • “Once you pull a gun in a fight, you’ve pushed the violence level to a height where death is a very real possibility.”
  • “Make even a good man scared enough, and you never know what he’ll do.  Make a bad man scared, and you are in trouble.”
  • “Sex was never as neat as the movies made it.  Real sex was messy.  Good sex was messier.”
  • “The best lies are always at least partially true.”
  • “Compassion is not weakness…only those without compassion think otherwise.”
  • “You don’t run in the dark in the forest with your eyes.  You run with the same part of your brain that makes the back of your neck prickle.”
  • “Once you have sex with anyone, sex becomes more of a possibility with outhers.”
  • “Movies try to give us shit about needing virgins and purity for  sacrifice, but true evil doesn’t want to kill and send purity to heaven.  True evil wants to corrupt good and once the good are dead, they are beyond the devil’s reach.  But the impure, to sacrifice them—well, the devil gets his due…Money doesn’t spend in hell…The devil deals in a different coin.”
  • “Cops are good about that.  Give them anything suspicious, and they’ll put two and two together and make ten to twenty-five to life.”
  • “Your enemies always make better rumors than your friends.”
  • “True parenthood is built over years of interdependency.”
  • “Guns aren’t designed for comfort.  It’s one of the few things that are worn, mostly by men, that are as uncomfortable as a pair of high heels.”
  • “No matter what you do or how bad you feel about it, life just goes on.  Life doesn’t give a fuck that you’re sorry or upset or deranged or tormented.  Life just goes on…”
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