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Daily Practices: 4/14 – 4/20

April 20, 2013

Since Saturday we’ve gotten about 2 feet of snow.  At this rate, I’m starting to wonder if we will have a spring/summer at all…

4/14:  Heliosday – honored him with a freshly written prayer.

4/15:  Moonday – honored Selene; with the help of my son, I finished off a story and sent it into the editor of a Pagan sci/fi anthology.

4/16: Aresday – honored him and asked him to watch over his fellow adrenaline junkies…those helpers that run to a disaster instead of away especially police, firefighters and EMTs/paramedics.  I also wrote about talking to my son about tragedies.

4/17:  Hermesday -spent a good part of the day reading…seemed like a good way to honor him!  Honored Hermes thanking him for books to hide within.  Saw a hawk flying around some trees in the distance today when I went to pick up my son from school.

4/18:  Zeusday.  Was reading a book from the day before when I got an urge to go meditate.  I was in a cave (or mud hut) sitting on a stone bench.  A bonfire burned before me with the smoke going through a hole in the ceiling.  Watching the fire, a figure appeared within it.  She held out her hand with the indication that I was to join her in the fire.  May have been Hestia?  I took her hand and stepped in.  I got the impression that if I had not been holding her hand, it would have hurt.  When I looked down I could see my skin turning black and falling away.  Still no pain (or panic for that matter).  When everything was burnt off, I was part of the flame like the fire woman who then stepped inside of me (reminded me of ritual where I say Hestia’s light glows within me).  The fire then died out.  When I looked down, I was back to my original form with no burns and no sign of a fire at all except for scorch marks on the floor and black ash on my feet.  No idea the meaning of it…  Honored Zeus.  Drew tarot cards but haven’t felt the urge to sit down and read them as of yet.

4/19: Aphroditeday.  Honored Aphrodite.  Had an interesting discussion with my son about the meaning of our mealtime prayer at dinner. (Lords and Ladies of  harvest and beast, bless all that take part in our feast.)  We’ve had a similar discussion when he was younger but it evidently didn’t stick.  I think it will now though.  🙂

4/20:  nothing specific

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