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Daily Practices: 4/7 – 4/13

April 13, 2013

Continued insomnia does not help my practice.  I’m trying but…

4/7:  nothing

4/8:  Moonday.  Had great intentions but…meditated after prayers before I tried to sleep.

4/9:  Aresday.  4+ inches of snow last night, with snow off and on all day.  So tired of cold and snow.  Daily devotion with prayer for our soldiers read to Ares.

4/10:  Hermesday.  Got up to 8 degrees and an additional inch of snow.  Hearing about flowers and such in other parts of the country makes me grumpy.  Dark moon tonight, need to at least dust altar and shrines before then.  Daily devotion with prayer to Hermes.  Highs only in the low 20s despite the sunshine.

I’d been telling myself all day to remember to honor the dark moon after my son went to bed.  I didn’t remember until AFTER I took something to help me sleep.  [head/desk]  So I did a meditation as I was lying in bed.  Not the best but better than nothing.  Spent time thinking about what I wanted to get rid of in my life.  I asked the ancestors to help my get rid of any prejudices I carry by blaming a group of people for the actions of a few.  I asked the nature kin to help me deal with the environment I life in (19 degrees this morning and a dusting of snow…I so want green/growing things!).  I asked the gods to help me break through my resistance to doing spiritual actions.  After that I imagined myself falling asleep (ala incubation) on the mental hill I dedicated to Selene.  I finally did at some point though I do not remember any dreams.

Note: to encourage my continued participation daily, no food until after they are done.

4/11:  Noumenia (trumping Zeusday).  Honored all the Kindreds.  Drew cards to see what my blessings for the next moon were
Ancestors:  Ace of Pentacles/Forest Spirit – do not be afraid to trod new paths
Nature Kin:  8 of Wands/Battlefield Ghosts – Be methodical and work with intention
Gods:  Stars/Cloud Spirits – you have nothing to fear and nothing to hold you back
Quintessence:  Strength – having the mental fortitude to go forward
A very positive and encouraging reading from the Kindreds.

When I left the house this afternoon, it was snowing and you could hear birds twittering.  It was a very odd juxtaposition to my mind.

4/12:  Honored the Agathos Daimons (personal, household and Zeus).  I was sorely tempted not to redo the ktesios jar because everything inside was still in good shape.  I drew some cards with my ancestor deck and was pretty much told that not changing the jar allowed household energy to stagnate.  Okey dokey.  I refilled the jar.

4/13:  my son joined me today.  I asked him if there was anyone in particular he wanted to honor…”Zeus!”  What do you want to offer him?  “Chocolate!” So Zeus got prayers and a dark chocolate kiss.  🙂

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