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Daily Practices: 3/31 – 4/6

April 7, 2013

Been at my in-laws since Friday night so my practice is limited in scope.

3/31:  Heliosday – honored him in a meditation.  Did not go as well as the Aphrodite mediation.  Spent the day with my parents.

4/1:  Moonday – dropped the ball here…went to bed really late after spending a stressful day with a misbehaving child at the Natural History Museum and Planetarium.

4/2:  Aresday – meditation.  Asked him to help me know when to bed and when to stay rigid.  Offering:  the promise to workout 3 days a week for a minimum of 20 minutes for the month of April.  Spent the day at the aquarium.  Nice day for it as it was rainy and cool.

4/3:  Hermesday – meditation.  Promised to write him a story.  Home late from Denver.  Temp at bed time in the upper 20s.  Daytime highs have been in the 40s.  This means lots of freeze and thaw cycles.  Still several feet of snow in our North facing front yard though.  Noticed that the rose bush out back has buds upon it.  Weather in Denver was in the 50s and 60s for most of the days we were there.  Even saw rain.  Saw my first robin of the season. At the zoo on the 30th, their were wild bunnies everywhere.  Got some great pics but many of the animals were still in sleep mode.  Those that were active were the animals that you normally see in sleep mode.  At the aquarium on Tuesday, the octopus was doing laps in the tank which was fun to watch.  (Normally, it seems, captive octopods tend to sit in a lump somewhere in their aquarium.  You are luck if they move a tentacle.)  Oh, I also got bit by one of the stingrays that I fed in the feeding pool.  Drew a bit of blood even.

4/4:  Zeusday:  daily devotional, offered another reading from his devotional and a prayers.  Mud season is officially underway.  Lots of snow to melt. The back area looks a mess between mud, debris, snow and such.

4/5:  No sleep, so tired I feel ill.  Nothing more than prayers.

4/6:  Slept a bit more last night.  During daily devotional I gave incense to Hermes, Ares, Selene and Aphrodite as an apology for the lack of physical action on their days.

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