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Daily Practices: 3/24 – 3/30

March 30, 2013

3/24:  was reminded that sometimes spending time with the Kindreds is an offering in and of itself; honored the Kindreds

3/25:  Moonday; honored Selene and her gift.  Offered jasmine green tea

3/26:  Aresday; wrote a prayer to Ares about our soldiers;  read it during devotional, honoring him and soldiers past and present

3/27:  Hermesday:  read him a story I wrote in which he was a character.  Cold, 30s, snow melting, lots of icicles hanging from my truck.

Full Moon:  read long prayer, offered/shared honeyed milk and lotus incense.

3/28:  Zeusday.  Read to him from his devotional.

3/29:  Bad mood most of the day, avoided the altar.  Before bed, I finally mellowed enough to do a mental walk through of my daily devotional.  Honored Aphrodite.  Details of ritual/meditation to follow this post.

3/30:  exhausted after a night of very little sleep and spending the day at the Zoo.  Will say prayers before bed but probably not do anything else.  Still need to fill and hide eggs for my son.  Oh…there was a Ganesha statue at the Zoo today and an ancestor house (not sure what else to call it).  Left coin offerings at both places.

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