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of gifts and sacrifices

March 24, 2013

I have issues with the idea of sacrifices and offerings.  To me, the words are right up there with bribes.  Typically I can shrug off my discomfort and do them any way but very often there is probably some teenage-type “I’m only doing this because I have to…” attitude going on.  I’m aware of this issue and constantly trying to find ways to work around it, through it, etc.  I know the negatively of it is not very helpful to strengthening relationships.

The other day, something (someone?) got through to me.  I’ve heard this before but it didn’t click as it did this time.  Think of this as a gift to someone you care about.  That little bit of something that lets them know that you are thinking about them.  That little bit of extra effort to let them know they are important.  I find this easy to do with most humans but find this very difficult to do for those that I can’t see, touch or feel.  Part of it is an ego issue, I am unimportant, insignificant, one mere not-very-talented mortal, so why should they care what I do or don’t do.  Part of it is a fear of offending the Kindreds.  Part of it is simple laziness.  Being solitary is hard in that there is no one to help build energy with, to give and receive encouragement or suggestions when things go wrong.

Something I need to remember is even just spending time with them can be a gift.  When one doesn’t know what to do, or say, sometimes simply being there is enough.

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