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Daily practices journal 3/17 – 3/13

March 23, 2013

It occurred to met that while I’ve been calling this my meditation journal, it is more of a journal of what I do on a daily basis (devotionals, divination  weather that I’ve noticed, etc).

3/17:  out of town, returned late.  Honored Helios before bed.

3/18:  Honored Selene

3/19:  Honered Ares, dedicated my workout to him

3/20:  Equinox ritual – Zeus, Demeter and Persephone.  Weather was cold, gray and windy.  Seemed to be more crows that usual hanging around and cawing.  High was mid-30s.

3/21:  honored Zeus; read him one of the poems I’ve written in his honor

3/22:  honored Aphrodite; offered incense and a prayer

3/23:  been a bum today.  Trying not to beat myself up over skipping a day of devotion.

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