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Equinox ritual recap

March 20, 2013

moved from Oaken Scrolls

Did my Equinox ritual this afternoon.

The altar before ritual

The altar before ritual


  • cornmeal to the Ancestors
  • almond for the Nature Kin
  • chocolate chips for the Gods
  • cinnamon hunks for Hermes as Gatekeeper
  • trail mix for the Deities of Occasion (Zeus, Demeter and Persephone)


Omens with clarifier using Ghosts and Spirits Tarot

Omens with clarifier using Ghosts and Spirits Tarot

  • How were my offerings received?  6 of Swords/Review – need to reflect upon things objectively aka they were ok but need more thought put into them?
    • Clarifier:  9 of Wands/Willpower- will push me harder because I can do better?
  • How shall the Kindred respond?  7 of Cups/Delusions:  by driving me to become more practical and less dreamy-eyed
  • What more would the Kindreds have me learn/do?  8 of Pentacles/Work:  work harder
The altar prior to clean up.

The altar prior to clean up.

The ritual when fine but it had no oomph, no energy.  The omens would seem to say that I didn’t put enough work or effort into it.  Which is a bit upsetting as I did try.  I felt good about things going in.  I’m really beginning to dislike High Day rituals.

I did have a problem with the cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol not staying light during the whole ceremony which was distracting and disappointing.  Guess I will stick to charcoal disks.  It also means I owe Hermes something better for being Gatekeeper.

I also drew a card afterwards to see what I should do with the trail mix and other food items.  10 of Cups/Family:  share your celebrations with your loved ones so it is sitting out on the table.

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  1. March 20, 2013 3:56 PM

    You can put a ring of candles around an incense burner with a lit charcoal disk inside. Persevere, Melia!



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