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Equinox Ritual Statement of Intent

March 19, 2013

(written to be used for Fall or Spring Equinox)

On this day,
I recognize the balance,
where day and night are equal.
I recognize the turning of Gaia
and the shift of the seasons.
I recognize this sacred rhythm,
For it sets my heart ablaze.
I recognize the mystery of existence
and the Dance of Life.
I recognize the balance of light and dark
and enjoy the transformation of Gaia.
I recognize the Equinox
as a point of transition, a change.
I embrace this change
Within and without.

Today I celebrate,
the journey of Kore-Persephone
as she begins her return/departure
Zeus and Demeter prepare:
the snow melts away/the days become colder
mud becomes greenery/greens become golds
and flowers bloom/and the harvest comes in.
While I will not feel her return/While I do not wish her to go
for many weeks yet/the time is now.
I celebrate the start of her journey,
the turning of the wheel,
for the Dance of Life continues.

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