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Chapter 10: Current Issues

March 18, 2013

Introduction to Pagan Studies by Barbara Jane Davy

This was a long drawn out chapter that boils down to this:  The Pagan belief system is not homogeneous any more than Christianity is…in fact even less so.  This means that no matter what one person or group says or does someone is going to protest it.  Pagans tend to be very strong willed individuals.  They’ve had to be in order to go against the Christian flow. Picking one person or group to represent all of Paganism is like picking one person to represent Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, etc.  It does not work.  Beliefs that fall under the Pagan umbrella term are very individualistic so no one and no explanation can represent all of them.  Some want to remain secret, others want mainstream acceptance.  Some are duotheistic and some are polytheistic. Some are politically inclined and some very much prefer being alternative.  There is no across the board acceptance of anything.

The author talks about witch wars, about conflicts over whether to be mainstream, how much information to make available, problems at festivals, etc. but all boils down to what I state above.  Being a highly individualistic beliefs system, consensus on anything is virtually impossible.  Generally it boils down to the oft repeated phrase “herding Pagans is like herding cats”.

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