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Meditation Journal: 3/10 – 3/16

March 17, 2013

3/10:  Honored Helios; found incense smoke mesmerizing

3/11:  Honored Selene during the day; Honored Hekate during my dark moon ritual.  Combined two versions of a prayer from the Greek Papyri and then tweaked it a little more.

3/12:  Noumenia.  Tweaked a Thomas translation of an Orphic prayer to use as my new moon prayer

3/13:  Honored agathos daimons today after this happened

3/14:  Honored Zeus, divination; gave him a paper heart that I burned on an isopropyl alcohol soaked cotton ball.

3/15:  Honored  Aphrodite; gave thanks for the love in my life, past and present

3/16:  out of town, did an abbreviated version of my devotional before bed

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