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Agathos Daimon(s)

March 13, 2013

I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over the Agathos Daimon (Zeus) and agathos daimons, today being the day that is traditionally associated with them (the day after Noumenia) it was no different.  I started out with a very long divination reading with my Mona Lisa deck.  Yeah…not sharing it because…well it was harsh and I’m still trying to take it in.  Not what I was expecting in the least.

Afterwards, I brewed a cup of Jasmine tea as an offering, sat it in front of me while I silently, and with no distractions, ate my lunch.  (I typically read during my lunch period…).  Sort of a version of the dumb supper.  I thought about the reading.  I thought about what I knew about agathos daimons.  During that time a couple of concepts became clear to me.  As always, your mileage may vary.

There is a sort of hierarchy of agathos daimons.  The most immediate is your personal agathos daimon.  This is the being that acts as a teacher. They put you through lessons and report your progress (as needed).  This being probably has supervision of some sort over any spirit guides/helpers.  But s/he isn’t your buddy, s/he isn’t your friend. S/ He is your teacher and s/he will be as harsh or as lenient as you need to get whatever lessons on your syllabus learned.

The next Daimon is your household or family daimon.  This is the daimon that oversees the household and those within it.  S/he may be superior to your personal daimon or they much just cooperate together. (Or if you live alone this may be the same as your personal daimon.) This is the daimon of the pantry, the one who immediately oversees the ktesios jar.

As I’ve said before, the ktesios jar is a bit of sympathetic magick.  You put into it what you want for your household.  But I has an image that brought this more clearly home for me.  The ktesios jar is your home in minature.  Everything you put into it (or don’t) is going into (or not) your household.  So it is best to put things into the represent what you want for your household.  Everything that goes in mine is edible.  I use my favorite magical herb book (by Scott Cunningham) and put in food items that represent what I want for my household:  health, prosperity, protection, happiness, etc.  If you neglect your jar, you are in essence neglecting your household.  This is something that should be changed once a month.  If you avoid putting in liquids or moist items, then you most likely will avoid mold (which has been a major difficulty for me since the jar always seems to end up moldy despite everything I’ve tried in the past…I gave up doing a jar for a while because of this…a moldy jar is a lousy offering!).

Zeus as Agathos Daimon oversees all the agathos daimons.  Zeus as Ktesios also receives (at least in part) a portion of the offerings in your jar.  So again you neglect it, skimp on it, etc.  You are neglecting a very important household deity.

I’m sure there a number of other daimons between your household daimon and Zeus.  Daimons for city, state and country come to mind but that is beyond the scope of my learning.  This sums up what I learned at my “dumb” supper.  May it be of aid to you.

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