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Noumenia Prayer

March 12, 2013

A combination of Thomas Taylor’s version Orphic Hymn “To Musæus” and my own tweaking

Hear oh lovely Muses my new moon song,
I am here to honor the gods, may my tongue not go wrong.
First there is Hestia, Lady of the Hearth, Keeper of the Flame
Wherever you are the Gods have a claim.
Bountiful Zeus I honor, together with Gaia and Helios bright,
beautiful Selene, and the Stars of night;
Poseidon, ruler of the sea whose waves begirt the solid ground;
Demeter, of lovely mien, abundant and profound
Persephone, infernal queen and maid of warm days;
Artemis the huntress and Apollo, god of Delphic praise;
Ivy tressed Dionysos, honour’d by the heav’nly choir,
Rebellious Ares, and talented Hephaistos, god of fire;
Aphrodite who rose from foam to heavenly light,
and Haides, ruler of the underworld night;
Hebe, and Hercules the strong,
and you to whom the cares of births belong:
Justice and Piety, august ones I call,
and much-fam’d nymphs, with Pan the god of all.
To Hera sacred, and to Memory fair,
and the chaste Muses I address my prayer;
The Seasons, the Graces, and the Hours,
fair-hair’d Leto, and Dione’s powers;
Armed Kuretes, household Gods I call,
Saviors who spring from Zeus, the king of all:
Hermes, angel of the skies, the Idæan Gods and Themis the wise;
ancient Nyx, bright Hemara, Faith, and fair Dike I adore;
Kronos and Rhea, and great Thetis too do I implore,
I call great Okeanos, and the beauteous nymphs sublime,
Atlas the strong, vig’rous Eternity and endless Time;
Oath binding Styx, and the placid Gods beside,
and various Daimons, that o’er men preside;
Illustrious Providence, sweet-tongu’d Victory, do not abstain;
I call the daimon forms, who fill the ætherial plain;
Or live in air, in water, earth, or fire,
or deep beneath the solid ground retire.
Great Asklepios, skilled healer of disease,
and dread Athene, whom noble heroes please;
Thunders and Winds with power to vent,
Attis, Mountain Mother, and fair Adonis, a belov’d gent;
Hekate with earthly, wat’ry and celestial frame;
to all the Deities with propitious aid I gently proclaim:
To my sacrifice I invite, be present at my rite
Grant my just desires success,
Accept my homage, and the incense please bless.
Lastly I hail the homey and harmonious dame
Hestia, Lady of the Hearth, Keeper of the Flame

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