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Reading: Remove a binding

February 18, 2013

The idea for this spread stemmed from here, though the wording didn’t quite work for me.  So I reworked it and got a reading that made more sense.  Oh and I added a card.  Used Celtic Dragon for the reading.


5                6


2                3


  1. What is binding me?  8 of Swords – fear, self restriction
  2. What is the cause of this binding?  4 of Cups – day dreams/worries/self-absorption
  3. Why should I remove the binding? Queen of Swords – it is your lesson to learn
    1. what is the lesson?  10 of Wands – to carry on despite your struggles
  4. How do I remove the binding?  10 of Swords – quit struggling against it
  5. What would help?  Queen of Cups – feminine influence (Goddess or EM?)
  6. What hinders?  Three of Swords – self pity
  7. What happens when the binding is off?  Ace of Wands – next lesson.

Q = 32 = 5 = High Priest = uphold promise

B = 11 = Justice = face the truth, honor bound


tell me about miasma:  2 of Pentacles – it has its good and bad points, 6 of one half a dozen of another

you:  hanged man – allowing your worries to hold you back so you do nothing

do:  Knight of cups – better to approach any way

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