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Meditation Journal 2/10 – 2/16

February 16, 2013

2/10:  Dark Moon ritual for Hekate using Daily Devotional template.  Read prayers, offered beeswax candle, short meditation.  Divination.

2/11:  Noumenia, honored all the Kindreds but especially those close to my heart and loved ones.  Boychild has the flu so didn’t get to do this until after we put him to bed.  Hopefully he sleeps through the night…and me too!

2/12:  I lit the oil burner in honor of my agathos daimon.  Child still sick, not much sleep for me.

2/13:  Nothing today.  By the time the child went to bed I was too angry to approach the altar.  Did a prayer before bed.

2/14:  Honored love today.  Gave thanks for the love in my life.

2/15:  ill

2/16: exhausted from being ill but honored my lady and one other.  Felt compelled to meditate and found myself cavorting around with  one I’m beginning to think of as a spirit…helper?

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