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meditation cavorting

February 16, 2013

Not so much ill as exhausted today. Not sure why so tired but there you go.  Got enough energy together to do my daily devotional.  Felt compelled to meditate.  While I do not think I’m crazy or delusional others may not agree…

Walk down into the earth
into the cauldron
sink under the surface
find yourself truly there
at the same time
a tunnel appears
breathing becomes easier
down the tunnel into the deep
easy breathing, mermaid tail
a flash of white
with the joy of a puppy
grasping a fin
she speeds me
through the deep
suddenly with laughter
launching us into the air
finding myself bipedal
and safely astride
a flying, giggling beast
who then dives back again
swimming us through
only to launch again
this time more serious
but still feeling
like a gleeful puppy
landing upon an island
with a large oak tree
whose branches stretch up
and roots bury down
wondering the meaning
only to find myself
wrapped up in white
gleeful,immature beast
carrier of untold knowing
not able to stay
not wanting to go
awaken, lighter of heart

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