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February 16, 2013

My motivation is on sabbatical or has given me up for Lent or is on a walkabout or is waiting for Mercury to go straight…or something like that.  My son was ill the first part of the week and I became ill yesterday.  Oh and I’ve been dealing with insomnia again/still (I can’t remember which at this point).  So not much to talk about or not enough to make a separate blog post about each one.

  • Watched Lizzie Bennett Diaries yesterday…all 80-something videos and then watched Lydia’s.   I am enjoying this modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice though it did trigger some of my own emotional issues such as feeling like I failed my sister where her worthless ex is concerned and than feeling of being friendless and not quite good enough.  So while it was entertaining, it was an emotional uproar for me too.
  • made some simple Valentine’s cards for family…my son’s hand cut out and then folded into the sign language sign for I love you.
  • made some skull Valentine’s for my son.   The  ones that I stashed in is school stuff, he gave to a girl in his class.  There is something about that child I do not like.  Maybe it is the way she talks to him which doesn’t seem to be very nice or pleasant.  I don’t know.  She isn’t particular attractive either…yet my son is completely enamored by her.
  • been handwriting all the prayers I’ve written into one prayer book which is taking quite a bit of time
  • been doing a little stitching as energy levels allow.  I’m so sorry it is taking me so long to finish your gift Anne.  Which is sad cause I’ve been in the mood to stitch but the ability to focus well enough to count to five has happened nearly as often as I wish.
  • read Star Wars (the original book club hardback addition from 1973) to my son while he was sick and started Harry Potter.  My throat got quite worn out doing it.  OSO sweetly sent my son an audio Star Wars novel for his birthday so that he could listen to a book when I can’t read.
  • Speaking of reading, my son is getting pretty good at it and his writing is often actually legible.
  • need to get decorations finished for my son’s birthday party next weekend.
  • white dragon motifs have been popping up for me a lot lately.
  • Saw Fast Five with my Hubby on Valentine’s Day.  First time he’s watched a movie with me in years.  It wasn’t as good as some of the other movies but it had Vin and Dwayne in all their pumped up glory so I was happy.
  • been reading through the stack of magazines that have piled up…I got very behind over the holidays
  • Marker colored paper doilies have a stain glass like effect in a sunny window.  Just an FYI.

Ummm yeah that’s all I have the energy (I used up the rest this morning showering) or memory to type.  Going to go veg some more.

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