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Midwinter Ritual Recap

February 2, 2013

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Commonly called Imbolc.  I celebrate this day as the day when Demeter hopefully throws off her mourning robes and begins to prepare the land for her daughter’s return.  Last night I placed some green fabric outside as an offering to replace her mourning robes if she wishes.  If not I asked for her blessings upon it.  When I finally made it outside (9:30 am) to check on it, the sky was a blazing beautiful sunny blue.  The cloth was partially in the sun.  The part that was not was lightly coated in ice crystals.  Demeter is not ready to leave off mourning but is instead enjoying the sunlight.  All I can do is hope that the moisture we need comes but not the bitter cold.

A picture of my altar immediately after ritual.

A picture of my altar immediately after ritual.

I did my ritual after my son went to bed.  Maybe I’m a wimp but it is just easier this way.  Overall the ritual seemed a flop.  Maybe it was the insomnia I’ve been dealing with all week.  Maybe it was Demeter’s reluctance to let go.  I don’t know.  Offerings were flowers.  A single white rose to each of the Kindreds, with a petal from each flower placed into the water of the oil burner.  I took one more flower off the arrangement to give to Yemaya during the workings sections (as she has been on my mind this week).  The remainder of the bouquet, I gave to Demeter along this prayer and this one.  Hermes, as Gatekeeper, got chunks of cinnamon also placed into the oil burner.


  1. How were my offerings received?  7 of Pentacles/Patience – with patience
  2. How shall the Kindreds response?  5 of Wands/Struggle – by putting struggles in my path
  3. What more would you have me learn/do? Knight of Pentacles/Protective – be loyal, dependable and steadfast in the face of adversity.
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  1. February 3, 2013 8:03 AM

    Hey, not every ritual can go as we would like for it to! The next one will go better. 🙂

    Many blessings,


  2. February 5, 2013 2:13 PM

    Input from the DP list:

    Tricia Corley: May I offer my interpretation and some 2 cents? I don’t have your deck, so I used the standard one as reference.

    1. Offerings received – 7 of pentacles. Ah, you’re growing! Look at that garden! Why, it’s waist high already. Keep tending it, let’s see how high it can be 🙂

    2. Kindreds Response – 5 of wands. Yes, definitely struggle. IMO, and this is *solely* my opinion, it’s because of the offering to Yemaya. You took a flower meant for the three kindred and gave it to another Goddess. A Goddess from another pantheon. Competition. Next time, I suggest have a separate offering for Her. This time of year, a piece of melon works very well. No one likes their gifts taken from them.

    3. More to learn/do – Knight of Pentacles. Solider on Solider! The world is in your hands, you’re just starting on this journey (or close to it) and you can only do this one step at a time. You are facing the right direction, you have a goal in hand/mind – now is the time to start that journey.

    These were all my interpretations before I saw what you had for interpretations. I read by instinct.

    Sometimes I’m not good with the instinct read and sometimes I get hit upside the head with it. For #2, I got hit upside the head with it. To the point where I’m suggesting that you do a little something with Demeter alone, not a high day ritual, but something just for Her and have an offering just for Her. I see jealousy and spite there.

    I just saw this line: The remainder of the bouquet, I gave to Demeter along this prayer

    Oh yeah, you have Goddesses fighting over your offerings 🙂 You need to give each something and separately! 🙂 Demeter is very jealous this time of year – she has been without her daughter for months and is tired of sharing. She is tired of trying to be the better person right now, it’s been months since she’s seen her daughter. Yes she’s coming home soon, yes it’s wonderful – in the meantime, that was my flower damn it! (foot stomping and all in my head – She’s acting like a three-year-old with a wicked pout. I will make note in my own rituals to never share her offerings.)


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