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Meditation journal 1/27 – 2/2

February 2, 2013

1/27:  full moon meditation described here

1/28:  honored Selene; snow showers today, in the 20s.

1/29:  cold, cold day here; sun came out in the afternoon.  honored Ares today.

1/30:  honored Hermes; more snow but not much really compared to what we need

1:31:  Honored Zeus today; divination; insomnia since Monday so not functioning very well

2/1:  Theogamia so honored Zeus and Hera, offered white roses, new prayer; Friday so honored Aphrodite, offered pink lily.

2/2:  High Ritual this evening.  Offered to Demeter.  Left out a green wrap for her use or to bless.  Found it this morning partially in sunlight with ice crystals upon it.  6 more weeks of winter as she is not ready to leave off her mourning.  I hope that the moisture we need will come but not the bitter cold.  Ritual was not uplifting tonight.  It seemed sad and low.  Maybe it is the insomnia.  I do not know.  Omen was not uplifting either.

Lately for Two Powers, I’ve imagined myself walking a long a shore, one foot in the water, one foot on land before rooting myself.  A shore line is where sky, earth and water come together.

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