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McRant time

January 30, 2013
  • can someone please explain to me how uploading music to an SD card can cause a phone’s music player to crash?!  Can you explain to me why Windows media player can not do a simple shuffled upload of a play list?  And why does it insist on uploading 2 and 3 times the same song by the same artist?  How hard is that to figure out?!  I’ve spent more than 2 days getting my phone back in order and I’m still not done after having to return it to factory settings.  Absolutely ridiculous!
  • Criminals consider gun bans and gun free zones a license to do as they wish, for there will be no one able to stop them. Take all the guns away from everyone, everywhere and knives will be used. Take away knives and scissors will be used. Take away scissors and screwdrivers will be used. All these items are merely tools. Until the root of the problem is addressed (mental health issues, parents disciplining and keeping an eye on their children, etc.) nothing will change for the better but may actually get worse. Banning the common tool for self defense (ie guns) will only give more control over those that do not care about the law (criminals) or those that think they are above the law (government). I do not understand why this is so hard for some to understand.
  • Boy Scouts, you really need to change your laws to allow gay mentors and scouts.   Like yesterday.
  • the best way to get rid of the whole marriage kerfluffal is to require EVERYONE to get civil union licenses and leave marriage (aka the Christian sacrament) to religions of one’s choice.
  • why can’t stay-at-home-mothers get a day off?!  We’d be more productive if we got sick days and vacation time.
  • why do I have to get out of my vehicle to pick up my child from school.  Send him outside to meet me.  I don’t want to go out in the cold!  (OK so this one and the one above are more personal whines, pardon me.)
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