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full moon meditation

January 27, 2013

If I sit on the stairs I can see the moon through the window and its light streaming in if I sat at an uncomfortable angle…not as well as I could last month when it was straight on…I sat there and meditated.

Full moon

Full moon

I found myself in a wood without any clothes.  A little unsure of myself but I wasn’t cold so…ahead of me was someone in a white hooded robe.  I approached and they reached out to take my hand.  At first I thought it was the hand of someone elderly but that did not seem right.  It was more like the hand was not huminoid and was vaguely claw like.  Any way I didn’t have time to contemplate that as I was lead directly to a naturally round pool and urged into it.  I rinsed myself in the water and then just floated with the water around me and the moon shining brightly into the pool.  Relaxed but at the same time wondering what I was supposed to do.  I was scooped up by a large white claw and carried up into the sky.  The first thing I noticed was the sound of wings and had an impression of a dragon.  I thought at the creature carrying me but got a “busy signal”.  I was carried for a while and then it was like I suddenly became liquid and was poured out into a puddle, no a marshmallow like blob.  I just float there in a state of being and not being.  Then I was scooped up and poured into…myself I guess and held up before a large feminine face.  I was doll sized to this female.  I had trouble meeting her eyes and I knew I needed to…there were very large and very bright but I couldn’t make out the color and that bothered me.  The harder I tried the more they seemed to shift.  I knew I needed to just look back steadily and brightly as possible but I couldn’t do it.  The more I tried the better I got but I couldn’t maintain a steady gaze.  I got the impression that nothing would go forward until I could gaze steadily back.  I then backed my way out of the meditation.  I noticed afterwards that my 3rd eye chakrah was aching and it still is…

No clue what that was about but I feel…relieved and disappointed all at the same time.

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