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Week 12 homework

January 23, 2013
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Yes I’m behind.  Oopsy.

Think on the Mighty Dead in your life. Do you remember stories that you like to tell?

I remember them as something happens to remind me.  Most of my stories revolve around family gatherings, especially at Christmas.  I love my family but it is large and in many ways different from me.  I often feel like the black sheep (which really pisses off my mother when I say that) of the family.

Does your family do anything special to commemorate those who have passed on?

Not really.  We use a lot of the same recipes around the holidays but no special commemorations that come to mind.

Do you think that your ancestors watch you?

I think that the ones that have not reincarnated do.  Of the relatives that I personally know who have died, only my maternal grandmother has ever visited me in my dreams and even that does not happen any more.  I think the ones that do watch over me are more distant that the recently (aka known personally by me) dead.

Consider how you think they would like to be honoured.

I think they want to be remembered.  When I have time (not so much of late) and energy, I do genealogical searches.  Found my paternal grandfather that way.  My father did not learn about him until his mother was on her death bed.  Unfortunately, he had died a couple of years before but we are now in casual contact with his children by a later marriage/relationship.  I have found out that I have Cherokee roots but have not been able to find out much more than that.  One of my grandmothers was on the trail of tears.  I do not have her name only her daughter’s and where her daughter lived.  As I do not live in Illinois or know of anyone out there my search has been stymied.  I had a great aunt that did a lot of geneology and traced one part of the family back to Bonny Prince Charlie.  Bastard blood we are.  🙂  Mom recently gave me a link for the Montgomery side of the family but I haven’t been able to search that much.

Like I said earlier, we have several family recipes which we still use.  My maternal grandmother’s potica recipe.  My paternal great grandmother’s cookie recipe.  My maternal great grandmother was the first Austrian born (as in born to Austrian immigrants) in Pueblo, CO.  My grandfather often talked about our “Bojon” ancestry.  My dad told me that his relatives were hill billies very much like the ones from the show “Beverly Hill Billies”.  He was born in a shack with a dirt floor.

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  1. January 23, 2013 11:19 AM

    I know what you mean about being the black sheep of the family. No one in my family is anything like me. People have said that autism is hereditary; I am the only one on the spectrum in my family (that I know of). My family is also Christian; most of my family just goes to church for holidays, but a few go to church every Sunday and are really involved (yet I am the one with a religious studies degree). No one in my family shares my musical tastes. The list goes on.

    Biologically, I know I am related to my family, but my spirit definitely is not. It makes life difficult, but I deal.



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