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January 23, 2013

Just haven’t felt like writing…

  • went to the rodeo last Saturday, then had my MIL blow up because I wouldn’t let the boy-child finish a movie he started (to and from the stock show, 30 minutes tops on her Nook of a +2 hour movie) and sent him to bed at 7:30.  The child was tired and had gotten up at 6am.  I do not think I was being unreasonable.  I’ve been told that I do not let my inlaws be grandparents.  Translation:   I do not let them spoil the child until I cannot stand him at home.  So if they do anything or encourage anything that gives me trouble at home, I nix it.  Wish I could say I’m sorry but I’m not.  I’m just sorry that they do not understand my point of view.  I refuse to check-in my right to parent when I walk in their door.  I understand where this is coming from…as an infant and toddler, I was way out of my comfort zone; I needed assistance and relief so they got their way more often than I liked and now I’m paying the price of that.  Also I was raised stricter than my husband was and so that is how I parent.  When they undermine me, I tend to become a hardass in reaction.  I’ve tried to discuss this with my MIL but it doesn’t get me anywhere.  I hate being the bad guy, really I do.
  • been doing work involving a spirit guide and really do not feel able or comfortable sharing it.
  • I’m feeling better but am back on an insomnia tract…the phoenix trapped within (aka hot flashes) are not helping with this.
  • found an interesting use for Lenormand…setting up a daily to do list.  I have so much that I need and want to do that I often find myself floundering.  So today I decided to use as a check list
    • Cross – work on the DP
    • Spirit Guides  – did a crafty thing for my spirit guide
    • fish – check book and start laundry
    • Heart – do something with/for my family
    • Gift – work on gift
  • brought home the latest arrangement that my mother made me for my living room.  It started as one thing and morphed into something else.  Need to change my living room accents to match it.  Also need to change out the yellow flowers for something more gold, greenish gold or coppery.  But other than that I like it.

feathered arrangement

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