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Ancestor Invocation

January 23, 2013

moved from Oaken Scrolls

I am taking the Ancestor Invocation by Jennifer Ellison (Originally published in Druid’s Progress 11) and editing to suit my fancy.  Not sure when I will use it but I wanted to put it where I can find it for later usage.

I hear your whispered voices
speaking words of wisdom
into my unconscious mind.
Your whispers awaken
my mind and spirit.
You are my ancestors,
ones who once walked upon the earth,
I praise you for your gifts.

You who planted the seed of knowledge,
you who sought inner peace,
you who honored the Gods of old,
I honor your efforts.

Grandmothers, Grandfathers
Heart-kin and Hearth-kin
without you, there would be no me.
You that have come before and gone ahead,
without you I would not be here.

Ancestors, I praise you with my earthy body.
I praise you with my fiery heart.
I praise you with my moist breath.
I honor your storis and praise your spirit.

I ask for your guidance, your wisdom.
You are part of me, part of my being.
I draw upon your strength and knowledge
so that I may move ever forward.
Your footsteps, I follow as all children will.
You are my family and I give you righteous honor.

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