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Meditation Journal 1/13 – 19

January 21, 2013

1/13:  ill; very cold, single digits and negatives.

1/14:  honored the gods (since I missed noumenia) and the moon; very, very cold.

1/15:  honored ares; while I was at the school waiting to pick my son up, I watched the clouds for there was a circle of blue before me that the clouds danced past.  Many shapes did I see.  It was relaxing.  Still ill.  Very cold day.  Single digits or less.

1/16:  did this just before bed; honored Hermes with something made up on the spot.  Getting better but still not a lot of energy.  Warmer day.  Blue skies.  upper 20s, low 30s.

1/17:  feeling better despite the lack of sleep.  Zeusday.  Honored Zeus and tried to do an extra meditation but I’m so tired I had a hard time focusing and everything I heard sounded like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon.

1/18:  honored Aphrodite

1/19:  Denver for the stock show/rodeo; very warm day, enjoyed it.


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