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Zeusday divination x 2

January 10, 2013

For this week and last week.  Oldest first. Used Ghosts and Spirits deck.

  1. Me – Hermit/time out:  need some down time
  2. Week’s Theme – 7 of Pentacles/Patience:  there is a light at the end of the tunnel
  3. Challenges –  7 of Wands/Contension:  stand your ground
  4. Best Response – Sun/RAK:  do something for someone else
  5. Keep in Mind – Page of Swords/Trouble?:  no such thing as a free lunch (NSTAAFL)
  6. Final Thought – Ace of Swords/Energy:  marshall your energy; foucs to be productive
  7. Make sure to do this – High Priestess/Intuition:  pay attention to your gut feeling

Q = 45 = 9 = Hermit/Timeout – unwind, relax, seek out sacred space

b = 9 of cups/Wishes – something you wanted will occur

Spent a lot of this week not feeling up to par.  Not bad, just not well.  Some depression and a big case of “I don’ wanna”.  Didn’t remember this reading until a couple of days ago.  A rather accurate description.

Today.  Used Alchemical Tarot Renewed.  Almost didn’t do daily devotional.  Glad I did this gives me hope.

Pop out card – Death:  endings (hopefully this means the mental and physical ills)

  1. Me – Ace of Swords:  Beginnings, new ideas
  2. Week’s Theme – Strength:  upper subdues lower to will through self-love
  3. Challenges – Lovers:  uniting parts for a harmoneous whole
  4. Best Response – Ace of Pentacles:  remember that the spiritual and physical are two haves of the same coin; remember to say thanks
  5. Keep in Mind – 7 of Wands:  establish dominance; better over the lesser
  6. Final Thought – Fool:  being guided; place your trust
  7. Make sure to do this – Wheel of Fortune:  move to the center, the stillness from which life’s fluctuations can be seen and more easily ridden

Q = 44 = 8 :  self love

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