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Days of the Week

January 7, 2013

moved from Oaken Scrolls

It occurred to me today that I could honor the deities of the week during my daily devotionals.  Traditionally:

  • Sunday – Helios, the sun
  • Monday – Selene, the moon
  • Tuesday – Ares, war god (a god of action IMO)
  • Wednesday – Hermes, god of communication, thieves and a guide (my gatekeeper in formal ritual)
  • Thursday – Zeus, Father of Gods and Men, Olympian and Kthonic, my patron
  • Friday – Aphrodite, goddess of love, desire and beauty
  • Saturday – Kronos, Titan, Father of Zeus

The only one I do not feel called upon to honor is Kronos, so maybe that day I will do my vow.  The rest of them are among my favorite divinities.  It occurs to me that I can use Saturday to honor my Lady.  Will have to mull that day over.

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