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PBP: Youths of Zeus

December 30, 2012

(aka the Dioskouroi, Kastor and Polydeukes)

Star crowned twins
Glowing balls of light
Dancers of rigging
Much to sailors’ delight
Riders extraordinaire
Of horses glowing white
Defender of travelers and
Protectors of guest-right
Sons of a Spartan queen
One twin a mere wight
The other with father divine
Alas the one fell in a fight
the other spilled bitter tears
telling his father forthright
where goes one, so the other
Zeus declared from on height
Then share and share a like
Half thy days in heaven bright
half in Hades shall you dwell
Brothers and comrades, forever
Sharing in each other’s plight.

"a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging"

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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  1. January 1, 2013 8:43 AM

    Caught MY attention it did. 🙂



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