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Mental Discipline Goals

December 30, 2012

moved from Oaken Scrolls

  • Daily Devotion at least 5 times per week
    • during the work part of the devotion I will either say my vow or do prayers to specific Gods or for others
    • add depth/strength to the Two powers meditation by running the energy consciously through my chakrahs
    • listen for any particular ambient feedback
    • do this by 9am.
    • maybe draw a card for the day
  • a ritual/meditation/something in Zeus’ honor every Thursday and an omen.
  • a ritual/meditation/something in my Lady’s honor every dark and full moon and an omen.

Points to keep in mind:

  • in corporate more movement in ritual a sit seems to help settle the body and which focus the mind.
  • the stair way is a good place to for meditation
  • practice meditative breathing 4 in, 2 pause, 4 out
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