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The Moonbeam

December 28, 2012

The Moonbeam

A crossroad on a full moon night.
I move toward it in bare feet,
bathing in the silvered white light
of the beautiful glowing orb.
Growing large in my sight
a pale feminine face smiles down
wreathed in pale light and wavy hair.
I hear the clearing of a feminine throat
and see a tendril flow downwards
like living mist or a floating ribbon,
a moonbeam moving with intent
heading straight towards me.
I blink in surprise and the beam is gone,
only to find myself astride the light.
I feel her smile, her delight, her amusement
as I’m taken for a ride through the night.
Our movement sweeps my hair back
causing a sigh of contentment, of peace;
fears, doubts and worries wash away
Curiosity causes me to study my ride
yet the harder I look the less I can see
a form of light, maybe some scales;
solid wherever it touches my own form
yet with no definition only iridescence.
A feeling of minor indecision,
a chuckle, a shrug, just the joy of the ride
as through the night we glide
content in each other’s company.

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