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Finishing my Solstice Ritual

December 21, 2012

As seen in the previous post, I left the gates open and the ritual unfinished with a candle burning to light Demeter and Helios’ way from the Underworld.  Today I read this second half of the prayer, closed the gates and returned everything to the ordinary.  I did this right after we got up and before we opened gifts.  So I had an anxious 5 year old “helping” me do this.  Nothing extraordinary happened though there did seem to be a sigh of relief.  I don’t know if it because I had the gates open so long, if it was because the sun came up and something metaphysical had changed or what.  There just seemed to be a sense of relief.

Hope your Solstice was merry and bright!

Hope your Solstice was merry and bright!

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  1. December 24, 2012 3:47 PM

    Love hearing about how your holiday celebration.

    Leaving the gates open through the night and closing them in the morning is a great idea! I had closed mine during ritual and just left my candle burning through the night, but not closing the gates until morning seems like it would strengthen the intent of leaving the lit candle.

    Curiously enough that ‘sigh of relief’ is about the feeling I got out of my Yule celebration as well. I wonder how many other people had a similar experience.


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