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December 17, 2012
  • minor changes to the daily devotional, some changes in ordering of phrases.  See here for daily devotional format.  Replaced vow with duties of the day.  Vow will be said with nothing else needs to be done.
  • I did not touch an alter Friday, Saturday or Sunday after the CT shooting and some family drama, I was not up to it though I did keep up my prayers.  I have found myself saying the lines after the Two Powers meditation (see link above) in my devotional before my night time prayers.
  • Today starts my Heliogenna observance.  I’m also starting the prep work for my Solstice gathering on Saturday.
  • Solstice Ritual will be broke into two parts.  The first part will be done the night before and left hanging in anticipation of sunrise.  The second part will be done as soon as I am able that morning and the ritual will be finished.
  • I have a section of the stump that was removed from my Solstice tree that will be used as my Yule log.  A hole has been drilled into it to hold a tea light.  This is what I will use to light Demeter and Helios’ way back from the underworld.  Not sure what I will do with it after that but I’m thinking of storing it under my altar to burn at Summer Solstice.
  • “Baby it’s cold outside” Winter has finally settled in here.   Day highs are in the 20s and snow is falling and the wind is blowing.  I only go out in it when I must as I just do not store heat well.
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