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Zeusday and divination

December 13, 2012
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So I included Zeus specifically in my daily devotions today.  Instead of saying the vow, I took that time to say a prayer to him.  Since his cards are not at the main altar, I drew 7 cards from the altar deck (Ghosts and Spirits) for later perusal asking what I needed to know.  I did the shorter ritual because I have the dark moon ritual to do tonight.

I also need to check in with Ares.  Yesterday, just about every masculine entity I came upon after my daily devotions I called Ares.  I do have a deck dedicated to him.  Need to find time and energy to consult it.

Any way, I used a spread that is very useful for weekly drawings.  Need to use it more often I think.  The cards are listed by type and title (whether my own or the author’s title)

  1. Me:  8 of Cups/Move On – let has beens alone.  Hmmm have I been picking at scabs?  I’ve been so busy that I’m not sure.  Maybe a little.
  2. Week’s Theme:  Queen of Swords/Banshee – speaking truth; being honest, even blunt
  3. Challenges:  Third of Cups/Harmony – maintaining calm, finding joy in chaos
  4. Best Response:  Chains/Jacob Marley – let go of whatever is holding you down/back
  5. Keep in Mind:  Tower/Changes – unexpected breakage/damage
  6. Final Thought:  Magician/Psychopomp – bridge/go between/moderate
  7. Make sure to do this:  10 of Wands/Zombies – lighten up attitude/goals

Q = 53 = 8 = Strength – use inner strength to not only persevere but over come

B = 10 of Swords – Ghouls/Disaster

Well that is a cheery outlook for the coming week!  Eeps!

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