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Dark Moon Ritual

December 13, 2012

Now this was a lovely time tonight and that is the first time in a long time I could say that.  Not perfect but I felt joy? relief? I don’t know, lightened/lighter.  I read prayers to my lady, lighting a beeswax tealite for her.  I gave a needle from my solstice tree for the Nature Kin, corn meal for the Ancestors and a small bit of sandalwood incense for the Gods.  The final offering was a fortune cookie…not sure why.  I read the fortune in side as  part of the omen “Turn on the charm, you’ll be glad for it.”  Which made me laugh.  I pulled cards from the altar deck for a new moon reading.  During the final pause before moving on, I heard the below song playing (as I had turned on a wordless play list for background music), one of the musical themes within it is the tune “Simple Gifts” also known as “Lord of the Dance” which the song is also known by the original name was “Song Contest of the Birds”.    I danced a little bit in place to it.  When it was finished I moved on.

Spread can be found here.

  1. Things to let go:  Knight of Swords/Forceful – don’t force your opinions, ways, etc. on others
  2. Things to keep:  Page of Pentacles/Jack Frost – your creativity
  3. Things yet to come:  10 of Wands/Zombies – difficult times/sleeplessness?
  4. How the world affects you:  7 of Cups/Delusions – not of grandeur but of not being good enough
  5. What to give:  Spirit/Blank card – the authentic you floated across my mind
  6. What to receive:  6 of Cups/Memories – make memories…good ones I hope!
  7. What to learn:  Ace of Swords/Poltergeist – how to focus in times of high energy/chaos

Q = 24 = 6 = give and take

B = Page of Cups = Caution

I admit I hoped this reading would be more positive that the Zeusday reading.  Looks like I need some good mojo sent my way for the next little while.

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