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December 11, 2012

moved from Oaken Scrolls

So what have I been doing?

  • avoiding the outdoors as much as possible…windchills of 10 degrees or less make the outdoors very undesirable.
  • decorating the house as Solstice is one of my favorite holidays
  • making gifts, not making as many this year as previous years…mostly due to a lack of ideas
  • shopping for gifts.  A lot of the people on my list are just not into homemade gifts or I’ve already made them so many other things that I’m at a loss as to what else
  • slowly working my way through the book, Pagan Studies.  It is bizarre to read about my belief system in such scholarly terms.  It has  however clarified some of the terms bandied about that I was never quite clear upon.
  • learning a couple of new decks, the “interviews” of which can be (or will be) found on my personal blog, 4 of Wands.
  • being the disciplinarian.  My son has been acting out big time of late…need to get to the bottom of that.
  • simply recovering and catching up on sleep from being ill

I am behind on the Wheel of the Year and need to make time to get caught up.  I think I’m on week 7 and should be on week 9 I thing.  I also need to start planning out my Solstice ritual.  As I celebrate Heliogenna (link will show you last years set-up as I haven’t written down this year’s as of yet), the Solstice ritual is typically for Helios and Demeter.  Helios for returning and Demeter for not only making amends with Hades but also for setting Helios back on his duties.  I’ll post a prayer that explains the UPG of this at some point.

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  1. December 12, 2012 10:03 AM

    I read scholarly stuff all the time, so it’s not quite as odd for me. Keep in mind that scholars define some of the same terms very differently (one of the best examples of this is “religion”). Good luck getting caught up!



    • December 12, 2012 11:30 AM

      So do I but had a hard time getting into this book. Once I got past the introduction, I’m starting to enjoy this outside look at Paganism. So far I’ve been very pleased with what the author says and how she defines terms. I may need to finish the book and go back and reread the introduction just to figure out what my issues where exactly.


      • December 14, 2012 4:34 PM

        I may have to read this book just for the scholarly perspective it offers. Thanks for posting about it as you go along. 🙂



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